Ze French Do It Better

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Are the French masters at self-promotion, or is there really something behind all that bravado ? From fashion to food to the art of seduction — why do we all want their je ne sais quoi ? And, sacrebleu, how do we get it ?
With tongue-in-cheek humor, this savvy guide takes us on a tour de France rich in history, anecdotes, and crème-de-la-crème addresses. The authors introduce us to seven French "tribes" and divulge their most enviable Gallic secrets, from what to take to dinner and why you should never arrive on time, to why written correspondence — from the thank you note to the sexy text — is everything.
Covering wardrobe essentials and personal style advice, cult houseware products and infallible recipes, life-enhancing customs and faux pas to avoid, this indispensable guide filled with insider scoops unlocks — at last — the secrets for celebrating la vie en rose.

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March 06, 2019
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