Improving Health: Women Who Led the Way  (Super SHEroes of Science)

Improving Health: Women Who Led the Way (Super SHEroes of Science)

Women Who Led the Way (Super SHEroes of Science)
by Anita Dalal (Author)
55 loans, One at a time

This brand-new series highlights some of the major contributions women have made in the world of science.

Women have historically been associated with caring for the sick, but their role in health sciences goes far beyond their traditional role. Women played a leading role in placing hygiene and nursing on a scientific footing. They have also advanced surgical techniques, developed cures for killer diseases, learned about human anatomy, and figured out the chemistry behind some of the biochemicals on which humans depend for their health. This book tells their stories and describes their vital contributions.


From studying the stars to curing disease, understanding plants and animals, pioneering computer studies, and unraveling the secrets of atoms and molecules, women have played a vital role in scientific advances since the ancient world. Yet their contributions have often gone unrecognized or, worse, have been credited to others. With lively text, photography, and art, Super SHEroes of Science sets out to redress the balance and give credit where it's due. It examines the contributions to various fields of science of individual women from around the world!

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May 03, 2022
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