Small Town Librarian

by John Leggett Jones (Author)
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A small town librarian discovers a world of danger and excitement in a magical book that transports her to WWII Normandy.
Emma Schultz had big dreams of leaving her small hometown. But when her father died and her mother became ill, it fell to Emma to pick up the pieces. Rather than go off to college and lead an exciting life as a writer in New York City, she stayed in Kansas, taking on her mother’s job as the town librarian. As time goes by, Emma marries a good man, but she cannot help feeling despair as she faces a life of dull routine.
Then one day, an elegant woman enters the library and gives Emma a mysterious book, offering no explanation except “This book will help you.” And soon Emma finds that, every time she opens it, she is literally drawn into the story of The Normandy Nurse . . .

Publication date
September 15, 2022
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