Sky Foil

An International Conspiracy
by Gerry Burke (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

“In recent times, we’ve received many veiled threats; but this one has legs.”
—Dave Mackrell:MI5

This one, Fatima Khan, manages to retard the efforts of the CIA, and confuse the combined resources of MI5 and MI6. There’s an international conspiracy in play but the secret can’t get out; or can it? The aviation industry is in turmoil, and the U.S. president is off his game. He just shanked his drive into a water hazard on the fourth hole.

How many heroes can you fit into one story? Defined by their individual talents, they serve it up to the villains in this contemporary thriller, involving murder, espionage, and perfidious political power-plays.

Fast-paced, fascinating, and imaginative…Readers’ Favorite

The shameless spy novel you didn’t know you were missing…Indies Today

Publication date
September 14, 2022
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