Summary of Brian Goldman's The Night Shift

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#1 I am a fifty-something emergency doctor who has been working nights for more than twenty-five years. I get butterflies before starting work, and I’m not afraid of telling the truth. I pray that my patients don’t come too late or early, and that I don’t screw up.

#2 As an ER physician, my first duty is to my patients. I must keep them alive until I or someone else can figure out what’s wrong with them. If they want to kill themselves, I must try and stop them.

#3 The emergency room is a noisy place, with mechanical alarms constantly going off. It is also a constant battle to maintain a steady pace in the ER, as patients constantly want to talk to you and interrupt you.

#4 The ER at Mount Sinai is not the glamorous or endlessly exciting trauma-filled world TV shows make it out to be. It is a place where doctors treat patients who have heart attack, pneumonia, ulcers, and diabetes.

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September 21, 2022
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