Warrior Mindset

Mental Toughness Skills to Meet Every Challenge
by Michael Asken (Author), Dave Grossman (Author), Loren W. Christensen (Author)
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This practical guide teaches readers to meet stressful or dangerous situations with a combat-ready mentality.

In high-stress situations—especially ones where lives are on the line—mental toughness is essential. But while many agree on the importance of this psychological skill set, few ever provide practical training in how to achieve it. Warrior Mindset explains concrete steps and techniques to develop a survival mindset and hardened focus.

This book offers an in-depth analysis of the subject. Describing the importance of mental toughness and presenting a method for readying the mind for combat, this text can help foster skills that will optimize performance, success, and survival in the field.

Brad Thor (Introduction author)
Publication date
September 20, 2022
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