The Soldier with the Golden Buttons - Adapt for Youth

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The Soldier with the Golden Buttons - Adapt For Youth

“The Soldier with the Golden Buttons - Adapt For Youth” presents a child’s view of the Holocaust. It is the story of Jewish children wrenched from a carefree childhood to be overwhelmed by the brutal savagery of war. A few days are enough to turn them into adults forced to content with hunger and thirst, fear of death, and with the horror of being taken away from their mothers. Closed in a wagon, children are helping each other. The relation between six-year-old Biba and three-year-old Nicole written in warmth simplicity is most touching, and the tragic end of Nicole burns itself into the reader’s mind and heart.

Only their inner world of childlike imagination of dreams and fairy tales, can help them confront reality while maintaining their innocence.

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November 09, 2022
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