The Accidental Caregiver

Wisdom and Guidance for the Unexpected Challenges of Family Caregiving
by Kimberly Fraser (Author)
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An invaluable resource for everyone concerned for the vulnerable people in their lives

Estimates suggest almost half of the adult population will someday be a caregiver, whether for an aging parent, an ailing partner, or a disabled family member. It is a role that tends to fall on people without warning, and almost certainly without preparation or training. Even Dr. Kimberly Fraser, a nurse who ran a large home support business, found it a struggle when her father and husband needed increasing levels of care. In this timely and urgently needed book, she gives readers sound, practical advice on how to meet with humanity and optimism the bewildering array of challenges facing caregivers: where to find help, how to navigate a confusing healthcare system, how to deal with constant demands, how to keep one’s own life from being overwhelmed by new responsibilities. Based on personal experience, prodigious research, and extensive interviews, The Accidental Caregiver is an invaluable resource for everyone concerned for vulnerable people in their lives and communities.

Publication date
November 22, 2022
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