The Magnetic Power Of Your Thoughts

A Guidebook For Creating A Happy And Abundant Life
by Swati Srivastava (Author)
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We all want to stride on the path of prosperity. We all want to bathe in good health. We all want to zestfully follow our passions. In short, we all want to live a life of excellence. Yet we find ourselves stuck in a humdrum existence with the ever-growing list of compromises, disappointments, and distress. 

The Magnetic Power of Your Thoughts takes a deep dive into the root cause of this universal dilemma and showcases how our thoughts are the foundation of our reality and how they govern our lives, irrespective of whether we are conscious of it or not or whether we believe in it or not. Not only that, but the book also reveals how we can harness the limitless potential of thoughts to create a life of abundance, success, and happiness. 

Based on eye-opening scientific research and contemporary insights, the author outlines practical and actionable steps to implement thought-power in our daily life. On the whole, this instructive book carries in itself implicit guidance and life-transforming value for everyone who wants to unlock and unleash the greatest power which mankind has at its disposal.

Publication date
November 22, 2022
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2 MB
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