Coffee With A Coffin

Permanent Lessons From The Impermanence Of Life
by Alok Ranjan (Author)
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An invaluable resource and essential reading for ‘anyone who is alive’!

There is only one certainty in life—Death. No one is immune from it. And yet we still find it difficult to talk about it. It remains a taboo subject and when faced with it, people turn to things they believe will shield them from it. But avoiding talking about death doesn’t prevent it from happening and only perpetuates our fears and false assumptions surrounding it. 

Coffee with a Coffin aims to change this narrative and the way we view death and, in turn, life. Through edifying anecdotes and real-life stories, the author gives readers an eye-opening perspective on death and highlights the immense capabilities of man once he accepts his mortality. The book combines inspiration, humour, and intelligence to showcase the significance of acknowledging our impermanence to lead a more meaningful/fruitful and fulfilling life.

In a nutshell, Coffee with a Coffin is an invitation to redefine your life by discovering what it truly means to be alive!

Publication date
November 22, 2022
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4 MB
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